Palantir (PLTR)

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Earnings Call

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Palantir's AI Arc:

AI stock Palantir (PLTR) has developed an artificial intelligence platform (AIP) that integrates and operationalizes data for actionable AI use. AIP excels in data management, allowing for the cleaning, fusing, and activation of data for AI applications while ensuring secure and auditable decision-making. Riding high on a $200 million US defense contract won in early 2024, Palantir exhibits a growing annual revenue of $2.23B and positive earnings with an upward EPS trend. Although facing a challenging profitability margin of 9.43% and an elevated forward P/E, Palantir's operational cash flow remains robust. The company is strategically positioned to scale as AI demands grow, ready to showcase its value in evolving classification-related workflows across various government and commercial sectors.

Palantir's Earnings:

The last $PLTR earnings was full of optimism. Here's a summary of the tone and general outome of the earnings call.

Palantir Earnings Highlights:

  • Margins grew 2% QoQ
  • Revenue grew 21% YoY
  • EPS the same as last quarter
  • Customer count grew 42% YoY
  • Operating above the Rule of 40
    (growth rate + profit margin = 57%)

Q4 2023 Earnings

Earnings released 2/5/24
Covering 9/29/2023 to 12/30/2023

  • • Revenue up 20% YoY
  • • US Commerical revenue up 70% YoY
  • • Customer count grew 35% YoY
  • • Beat earnings estimate by 14.3%
  • • Recently won Titan contract

Palantir Position:

$PLTR is 3.05% of our overall AI portfolio. We first entered Palantir on 2/6/24 with an initial entry price of $21.45.