JFrog (FROG)

Is JFrog the AI stock for you? Before investing in $FROG as an AI stock, check our video analysis, earnings coverage, and AI stock report card:

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Earnings Call

Hear the call JFrog FROG AI Stock

JFrog's AI Arc:

AI stock JFrog (FROG) provides a software management platform that "helps developers develop software." JFrog has partnered with Hugging Face - the leading open-source AI model source - to provide secure open source AI models to developers. JFrog was founded in 2008 and was originally headquartered in Israel, later moving to the Palo Alto area of California. JFrog has acquired nine companies over the past years as it has aggressively built its software offerings, focusing from 2021 - 2023 on improving security offerings and switching its focus to cloud in 2024. JFrog has excellent customer retention and has proven itself able to upsell existing customers. While not net profitable, JFrog has gradually and consistently increased revenue and reduced losses. $FROG stock may benefit from JFrog's future flip to profitability, which is only a matter of time in light of JFrog's 80%+ margins.

JFrog's Earnings:

The last $FROG earnings was full of optimism. Here's a summary of the tone and general outome of the earnings call.

JFrog Earnings Highlights:

  • Revenue up 27% YoY
  • Non-GAAP Gross Margin was 84.6%
  • Customer count increased 3% YoY
  • Cloud revenue up 59% YoY
  • Partnering with Amazon+Hugging Face on AI

JFrog Position:

$FROG is 3.11% of our overall AI portfolio. We first entered JFrog on 2/20/24 with an initial entry price of $42.55.